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What is GUM?

GUM, Glob Usage Meter is a Westnet Internet usage meter for Westnet ADSL connections.

Following recent network upgrades within Westnet, the facility which GUM uses to receive usage data is broken for some users (and eventually all users).
I have written another simpler usage meter which uses the new facility, gumi.

But there's already loads of Westnet usage meters ..

Yup, there's already too many. I'm writing this to play with coding concepts, and because I like to code. The fact that you can download it and use it yourself is a side effect.

It's designed to have a small footprint, be stable and be modular.

The current memory footprint when idle is about 400k (WinXP), and I don't expect that to grown much regardless of the number of features I stuff into it.

Download Latest Version

Gum-1.5 Installer (2.4mb) Released 7th July 2009